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Retail Bookkeeping

Especially for shop, pubs and restaurants etc

FlowersWith credit/debit card and Amex transactions,  bookkeeping for shops, pubs and restaurants is no longer a simple cash affair. Money moves in and out of the business very quickly with cash, cheques and card transactions moving it in different directions. This means it can be very easy for money to move out of the business and not be noticed. That's money you will then have to pay tax on!

With systems I have developed over a number of years, I track money regardless of its source and can report any anomalies. Best service is provided by a weekly collection/delivery of paperwork. I  take details regarding takings, paying-in and cheque payments. These are processed over the week and returned the following week with:The Talbot
  • Supplier payments - cheques attached to a remittance advice ready for you to sign and despatch at your convenience.
  • Reconciliation of Bank, Credit,Debit card accounts and till including reports showing details of cleared and uncleared items so you know your cash situation.
  • Creditors Report - List of unpaid purchase invoices so you know what remains outstanding.
  • At the end of each month I also provide:
    - Profit & Loss Report
    - Balance Sheet
  • At the end of each VAT period I also calculate (and complete if required) your VAT Return.
  • At the end of the financial year, I produce a full set of printouts for you and your accoutant.
I offer this service at a very reasonable cost and the rate is fixed so you pay the same amount each month and can budget more effectively.


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